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Babies and puppies, what's the difference?

Babies are cheaper! LOL! We just adopted a dog from the Houston SPCA over the weekend. His description read a retriever mix, we just don't see it. He is definitely a boxer mix, which the vet confirmed today, $70 later. Ok, difference #1: Baby visits are 100% covered, puppy visits are not. He goes back next week, then 2 weeks following that. Where's that link for pet insurance?....

Overall, he is a great dog. We've been crate training him, and lucky for him I'm used to getting up every few hours to make a bottle, change a diaper, and now we can add going outside butt-ass naked too, to do his business. Lucky for us, he doesn't bark or whine while he's in the crate. Puppy is still nameless. I like Lucky (because he's one lucky dog, and we are one lucky family!), followed by Dollar (meaning all the dollars we will be spending on him for the next decade - LOL!). Who knows when he will have a name. His poor file at the vets still reads Vargas Dog. Difference #2: Babies get named before they go home, puppys can still go nameless after going home. Think crate training will work on my 16 mo? And how about offering obedience classes for toddlers? Hey, maybe they can combine the two. Bring a kid, get the dog trained for free! People think we are crazy for adding a pup to our family with two little ones, and now I can see why they think that! Of course, I think it's the perfect time to add to our family. We're already living on little sleep as it is, so it's not like I'm sacrificing any more beauty sleep. You know???

We took the kids to see shark boy and lava girl, it was alright. The last time I saw a movie wearing 3D glasses was Jaws 3. What a PITA they were as an adult! I can't believe how friggin expensive the theaters are. And that' s because we only had 2 of the kids with us. Luckily, we only do this 1-2x per year. lol! The kids had a great time, and Seth did really well. It was money well spent. :) I can't wait until we get to drag them to our movies to sit through, though.


Shay said...

Puppies / dogs are more expensive BUT usually only while they are <1 year old. All those shots - yikes! That aren't covered by ins!! :( I don't think u are crazy at all for getting a puppy - i'm sure the dog will entertain the kids and vice versa. The best part will come when the kidos are big enough to help take care of the dog! lol

Brandy said...

Aww I want to see a pic of our newest baby, Vargas Dog! ;)

Madison is dying to go see that movie. And Madagascar. I'm just curious if I will be able to #1 - keep the glasses on her the entire time and #2 - keep her interested in the movie the entire time. (We saw Shrek 2 in the theater - well I should say about half of Shrek 2 in the theater - and after about 30 minutes she was wanting to roam the aisles.)