"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen."


Add Hairstylist to my many titles....

We were trying to grow out Olivia's bangs as she was wanting to grow her hair a bit longer. Well, we couldn't do it. She can't stand barrette's, headbands, ponytails, etc...so what started out as a simple trim of the bangs turned into cutting at least 2 inches of Olivia's hair...at her request *not* because of a mistake on my part. BTDT, just ask Deb. :)

I've attached a before and after and I must say I did a pretty darn good job...at least much better than my mother's haircut on me when I was 10. That was a nightmare. :)



Anyway, swimming season is about to start so the short do will be easier to put in that lovely latex cap. She was happy with it, as you can see, so that is all that really matters..doesn't it?

The many faces of Valerie....

Throughout a single day, Valerie goes through a million different emotions and with that all her different facial expressions. Here are a few....
Grandpa came to visit after a recent trip to Mexico. He not only brought some pretty dresses for Olivia and Valerie, but some yummy candy and gum. Yummy!

Showing off her orange dress

Being shy with Grandpa

Throwing one of her famous tantrums

And finally, trying to ride her pony


A Day in the Life of a Vargas....

Another weekend has come and gone. Why do they go by so darn fast?? I now fully appreciate that phrase I Live For Fridays. It was a typical weekend, visit grandma, grocery shopping, visit grandpa, cleaning and more cleaning. lol. Nicholas loves cleaning. Ever since he could walk, that boy was asking for a cloth, paper towel, even vacuum. I caught him in the act...and not only does he like doing it, but he even winds up the cord and puts the vacuum back where it belongs. How about that? Watch out Lone Star, you're next president is in the making. :)



Spring Break, Rodeo and Rooms....

Ok, so Spring Break 2007 has come and gone. I took off a few days last week to enjoy it with the kids and we were so busy I need a break! lol. We're re-doing the kids' room. Went to IKEA at least a million times and yet we still aren't done. But, we're almost there. The kids got a bunk bed and we took the crib away. It was such a hard moment for me, we really don't have any babies in the house anymore. Anyway, Valerie has done extremely well without the crib. She sleeps in her little toddler bed all by herself, no getting up, nothing...I was so surprised!! She's such a firecracker when it comes to everything else, she must have known we needed *something* easy from her. lol. Here's a picture of her in her toddler bed for the first time.

We went to the rodeo last week, we took Olivia and Seth to see Beyonce. It was such a fun concert, but we didn't get a chance to ride any of the carnival rides. Oh well, there's always next year. Here's Aunt Adrienne with Olivia and Seth all decked out.

Here are some candid shots of Valerie and Seth. Seth was so excited he got a snorkeling set as a birthday gift, he just had to try it out in the tub! And Valerie is goofing around in the barenaked room before we paint it.

As always, my vacation was over in the blink of an eye. I'm planning my next one very soon. lol.


Happy Birthday to me and Seth!

Well, I turned 34 Friday. See the pretty sunflowers I got?? Olivia picked the cheesecake and then was too smart to take our candles we had from Seth and Nicholas and combine them!! lol.
Just had to throw in this pic of Valerie in the tub...isn't she cute????

It was a good birthday. I'm still recovering from this cough, but at least I'm getting more and more sleep at night....and that's a good thing.

Seth's birthday is today!! We had his party at Chuck E Cheese and he had a blast. One of his little girlfriends was there too, he was in heaven. They are too sweet. :)

Happy Birthday Little Sethman!!