"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen."



Well, for the most part! I was sick with (what I believe was) Laryngitis the week I had my CT scan and that's the only thing that showed a difference between the last scan and this one. And the change was in mm, so it was really tiny and was due to me being sick. Well, they could also see I had a nasty cough last month. I swear we had the cold run through our house twice! We are still getting rid of it.

The good news is that both my SCT team and Lymphoma doc said I looked great, there was no Lymphoma and I was in remission...still....!! YAY!! It was a rollercoaster ride for me emotionally last week, trying not to focus on the inflammation and instead focusing on my clean scans and feeling great. The hair is coming in fast, you can't even see my scalp anymore! And, I'm getting it back in places I never knew I could get hair....the side of my face has some fine baby hair, I hope it falls out quickly or I might be mistaken for a werewolf! LOL!

So, to celebrate the good news my MIL Martha and I took Olivia and her friend Heather to see the Hannah Montana movie Saturday afternoon. I didn't realize it was in 3D, and I was a little apprehensive about that...remember those flimsy paper glasses with one red and one blue eye lens??? Well, times have changed! The glasses could easily be mistaken for regular sunglasses and the improvement with technology was breathtaking. I actually enjoyed the movie, but I don't think quite as much as the girls did. :)

I go back to get scanned again March 24th and then see my sct doctor March 25th. My lymphoma doc doesn't want to see me until May, so I will take that as a good sign. :-)

I've attached some photos from the kids, and myself, recently....Enjoy and much love to all!!

Here I am posing with what was a delicious Edible Arrangement sent to my by one of our customers, W-H Energy Services. We have the best customers ever!

Nicholas, Olivia and I having fun with the camera!

We finally had to cut Valerie's hair....3 years later! Doesn't she look cute??

The kids goofing off for the camera!

Olivia standing in front of her science fair project at Science Night and playing with flubber...

Seth getting his blood pressure and heart rate checked at Science Night...

Our mad scientist and her assistant!!!

Hannah Montana Movie....looking good in those shades!!


Melinda said...

YEA!!!! I am so happy to hear all that! You have a bright future sweetie!

Love, Mel

Bekah said...


I know I've read and reread this entry before -- maybe it is because, I hope to follow your footsteps one day. But I just wanted to congratulate you and your BEAUTIFUL family on your stunningly clean scans.

I'm not sure how you manage all those babes of yours, kick cancers' butt twice! and keep a sweet smile on your face.

You are a superwoman,
hope to have some of you
in me
to get through my sct in the next few months.

Tons of Love,


Shay said...

So happy you have some good news! Will be continually sending P&PT your way for the other tests to come. You DO have a beautiful family.